Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sleep and Gas

3:30am and I can't sleep... Not in any pain as such, just a bit uncomfortable around the inscions, but the shoulder tip pain is a whole other story!!! It's managable if I sit up, but I can feel it sinking to my guts... So it's an option of sleeping while sitting up (most uncomfortale) or laying down and being in serious pain and it appears the morphine doesn't help in that department.

Remember that episode of the Simpsons (I think it was that show) and homer was in a hospital bed...

bed goes up... Bed goes down

(my bed does that too)

I've changed it for the interim though!

Gas goes up... Gas goes down...

Remember those nice relaxing, massage things on my calf muscles (they help with circulation) they are pissing me off... All night the machine has been clicking on and off and then hissing like a snake - aaahhhh! I've got the ipod playing some tunes, but it's still frustrating!!!

And now the gas is down, must try to get some sleep!!!

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Selina said...

Sorry, but I'm having a little chuckle over here! Not about the pain, but those leg pump things, I hate them soooo much! After I had major surgery on my liver, it was very big open surgery and I couldn't really move at all, pumped full of ketamine, and I still managed to get up and rip those things off in the middle of the night! Let's just say the nursing staff weren't happy with me at all! Hang in there, it will all seem like a dream in a couple of days!