Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 week 2 days post op

I haven't had any rest time (ie time in bed, lazing about watching movies since last Thursday) I have been up and about and when I get really tired, I have been kicking back on the lounge keeping my mind busy with some knitting. I've managed to get out and about a bit, visiting friends. Today I am heading out to have a coffee and it will be my first time back in the car by myself. I think I should be fine!

Pain wise, I am sorer now than I was when I woke up last Friday. Since Thursday I have had a raw feeling inside, as though my pipes are finally waking up & it is feeling very tender. Not sore enough to be having pain killers, just a constant nagging, dragging feeling. Very annoying. I'm hopeful that this feeling won't last too long. The heat pack and I have become best friends!

I am still really tired, taking it easy when I get too tired (or else the niggling pain just won't leave come night time) and I have had trouble sleeping, either going to bed far too late and not getting enough hours, or like last night going to bed relatively early and then waking at 3am, uncomfortable, shitty and wide awake. Those times I have trouble turning my brain off and it's really frustrating. I am hoping that with recent steps of dealing with everything, sleep won't be too far off.

Well my family is hoping... I am so short-tempered!!!

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