Thursday, June 2, 2011

Biopsy Results

What is it about Drs and their delivery of the biopsy results? Today I went back for a follow up appointment (and as expected... I didnt really need to go today, but it was good to be able to get the biopsy results etc, saves waiting 6 weeks and having the Dr forget who the heck you are, you know?)

He sits there (very relaxed) and looking at the computer screen says "I've just been reading your biopsy results and they are very interesting"


WTF?!? Ummm... Just give it to me straight Doc - WTF is it?


Yes, yes, didn't we establish that before? Here I am sitting there (extremely anxious) thinking it was a lump, a nodule of suspected endometriosis that had to get sent to pathology because it was a LUMP. Of course when the word lump is mentioned, my thoughts turn to The Big C (yes probably very premature of me) but my stomach dropped and I was on tenterhooks awaiting his response.

Turns out it was a type of endometriosis lump, but it was termed as a My-o-metri-something-or-other.

What was that... In English????

Well it appears that it may have been a mass that was there since I was born (possibly conception) as it has embryonic matter within. I will NOT tell you what my husband said about it on the drive home (something about 2 heads... Noice "dear hubby") And that was about all I could ascertain as the Dr had never seen or heard of anything of the sort before himself. Even the term it was called was unheard of. So my my-o-metri-something-or-other is now no more, it is not sinister. *phew* Anyone else walked out of Drs rooms completely bamboozled? Even Dr Google couldnt give me any further info (it must be rare if Dr Google fails you!)

The only thing is, now I'm left wondering if my endo was all that extensive or if all my issues have been stemming from this nodule. I guess time will tell. So now I'm at a loss as to what I should do next, luckily I have a 6 week check up to get the all clear so I can start making sense of this growing confusion that is my current state of mind.

On a brighter note, I didn't have to have an internal scan today... Trust me when I say after being SERIOUSLY bound up * (a residual after effect from the morphine, endone and probably the anaesthetic, lets face it everything is being blamed on the anaesthetic this week) I was deliriously HAPPY to miss that little d-cam date!!! The less things going near that area, the better for me at the moment!!!

Of course my head is all over the shop, more tears on the drive home and lots of sighing. I'm not sure where the road goes from here, I have a lot to process and a lot of emotions to work through, posts from here on in will most probably be a little sporadic and messy... But thats ok, its how I work best!

* 1cup hot water + 1tbsp honey, drunk on empty stomach, will help the pipes!!!

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