Friday, June 3, 2011

Pain Update

Why do I insist on doing things all arse about.

MOST people struggle to wake from anaesthetic... not me, wide awake chatting away to the recovery team

MOST people cry as they wake up from anaesthetic... not me, no I wait till I'm home and spend the next 4 days sobbing

MOST people wake up in pain... not me, no instead of being in pain while in hospital with morphine on a DRIP, I am pain-free.

6 days later at home, my insides have awoken and the pain kicks in. During the night I awoke with a sharp pain in my groin, almost in my pelvic bones, which I put down to issues with my bowel as I'd consumed that much fibre it was finally waking up and working it's way through... um ouch? Yesterday my left ovary was aching (which isn't really unusual as I generally get an ache around ovulation) A bit of heat on that while reading a book in the sunshine eased that. Last night my whole inside area was aching, not enough to need pain-killers, but enough to have a constant heat pack on the front and back and I was worn out.

In hindsight I think I may have overdone it yesterday a visitor in the morning, no sleep, little rest and a 2 hour round trip to the Dr and a lengthy walk. All wearing uncomfortable Jeans (that I couldn't do up LOL) just exhausted me. Today I have plans to take it easy, I have the option of walking up to swimming if I wish to, but my parents will be here to help out.    

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