Thursday, June 2, 2011


Perhaps it's just me, but the last few times I've gone up against Anaesthesia... it's made me cry :( and I don't mean just a few tears, I mean sobbing like a baby (which doesn't help the sore tummy muscles very much!) I don't know if there is something in the make up of it that causes me so much angst, or if it's just a simple case of overwhelming emotions and having that huge upheaval in life. Sunday night they were tears of gratefulness, Monday tears of confusion. Tuesday tears of pain. Wednesday tears just because.

I have a lot of emotional issues to work through in the coming months (more I want to say here, I am just struggling to find the words - I am also afraid with my extra 3 readers - hi there!, that I will be judged and I need this place to be a non-judgemental one) I will be ok. Eventually. Just bare with me hey?   

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