Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Write on Wednesday #4 Two fat ladies

write on wednesday

Take 1: I can only assume Zoey languishes in the Otherworld – not fully living and, unfortunately, not yet dead.
How often do we ourselves feel as though we are stuck languishing in the otherworld? Sometimes I get a feeling of being out of my body. Not quite there and I languish. Between a life that sometimes is so out of control that I can’t keep up with all that is going on. However I am far from dead. I am floating. A part of my soul is grounded, in the body – but the other section flies free from all that is holding it back. I need this time to soar above and realise that not all is as bad as I first considered it to be. It is my freeing moment. To be freed from the shackles and realise that Life is great. Life isn’t all about being stuck down. Tied down. Lost and alone. Life is for the living and for that, I am eternally grateful. So what if I have health issues that need to be dealt with in the future. For now I must concentrate on the here and now. Let my soul ease when it needs easing, but stay grounded and focussed on the little steps. Little steps WILL get me through to the other side. I know this in my heart and I need to keep remembering and reminding myself. One day my cloud will have it’s silver lining and I just need to live the days as they come. I am not dead yet, nor do I want to be. Life is grand.
If you were to live each day as it comes, tomorrow is a present, today is a gift, yesterday is in the past. Step up and embrace it with both arms wide open and let yourself just BE.
Don’t live a life of regrets.

From the 8th book on my bookshelf
Awakened – Pc & Kristen Cast
Page 8; 8th line down.

Take 2: She was by nature cynical, blunt and hard to please, well known for picking holes in everything, including people.She was cynical of everything at the moment, too firmly steeped in her sorrows to see the bigger picture. It certainly felt that everything around her was wrong and that nothing was going her way and lamented this thought as she sat in the morning light, the sun just pearcing through the trees lining the edges of her property. She had always been charmed, though a lot had happened to her in life, she managed to get through each issue as they hit with many tears, writing, solitude and strength. There were many a night that a cold beer or two (sometimes even 3) would ease her pain as she wept at the injustices of things gone wrong in the past. But she conquered these pains. This new pain was as foreign to her as it was a living nightmare. No longer could she cope in her own mind and ease her burdon. As the winter arrived, so to the cold and the times spent alone in her garden dwindled as the days became shorter. No longer could she have an icy cold beer to drown her sorrows, it was far too cold to consider drinking her pain away. Alone in her grief, she sat.
They say what makes you stronger can only be a good thing, but finding her strength was taking it’s toll this time.

From the 8th book on my 2nd bookshelf :)
Stolen - Lesley Pearse
Page 8: 8th line down.


This weeks prompt was another five minute exercise, we had to choose the 8th book on our bookcase, find the 8th page and 8th sentence (I did line ;) and then write freely for 5 minutes. My first attempt was no thought process, I just typed and that I think showed in my word-count. I thought I would try the exercise again from my other bookshelf and this time I tried to concentrate and put it into a scene. I'm not sure how I went - but feedback would be welcomed ;) (go easy on me though... I'm a little highly strung, which is why my writing feels a little down perhaps? Maybe?)


Sarah said...

Car, this was EXACTLY what I needed to read right now. I was feeling a bit 'the end of the world is nigh' but you put it into perspective brilliantly. Things aint so bad really so I'm just going to get over it and move on. You couldn't have known but thank you anyway! x

Lene said...

These are both amazing! I really love take #1 as I can relate to it the most. I often feel just like this. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

You've got a story which you need to tell, and I'm really glad you're using WoW to help bring it out. x

MultipleMum said...

I like the idea of the woman 'floating' for a break in her life. It is kind of the opposite of mindfulness and really interesting. I hope you find peace in these writing exercises x

Domesblissity said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog and my piece this week. I love the name of your blog and reading about your journey. I too was diagnosed but eventually fell pregnant, numerous times, before eventually holding onto a pregnancy and delivering 2 healthy children.

Your writing is excellent. I look forward to following your blog and hoping your dreams come true.

Anne @ Domesblissity

Susan Whelan said...

Both pieces had a serious tone, but I found the first quite hopeful rather than 'down'. The second ended on a more sombre note, but I still had a sense that the woman was rallying her strength to do as she had done before - deal with the challenge that she was facing.

Thanks for sharing. :-)

Unknown said...

Great job on both ocassions. And you managed to do two - well done.

InkPaperPen said...

So interesting, I understand how the way you are feeling can effect your writing voice. But you do have a story to tell and I thank you for sharing it with us all during W.o.W.

And you are right, Life is Grand. You wrote yourself to a happy ending, and all straight from your sub conscious.

Gill xo

Janelle said...

What a treat to read two entries from you! I really like the first one, in particular the quote near the end, about today, tomorrow and yesterday.