Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Write on Wednesdays #1 "Very pleased to meet you"

Everyone else is doing it... why shouldn't I? I am a bit of a sheep you know! While this blog was created purely for my current struggles with my health, it has also opened up a bit of a writing haven. A place for me to dribble words usually left unspoken and writing has become my current therapy (I've even gone so far as drafting a document in word expanding on this blog... who knows what the future will hold, but I want to write and I want this place to be truthful, from the heart writing. So when I stumbled across an online writing group over at inkpaperpen (thanks to Mel for the link) called "Write On Wednesdays" and I thought what the heck, my blog ~ my words! I'm hoping it will add a bit of depth (& possibly happiness) to the doom and gloom that is this blog currently, but it may also help me develop myself as a real writer. I completed an online creative writing course 2 years ago and there was a woman in it who was writing a book. Every exercise we were offered she managed to relate them back to the story line for the book she was writing. I thought this was a brilliant idea and rather difficult, but perhaps I can do that here. Develop myself as well as my story. I can only try!

write on wednesday

Stretching the Writing Muscles:
Start with the following exercise each week: Write for 60 seconds without stopping. Set a timer and simply write. Do not take your pen off the page (or fingers off the keyboard!) - even if you are writing "I don't know what to write" for 60 seconds. Do not judge what you write. It is then up to you to decide whether you post this warm up exercise or not.

Oh dear. This could be very hard to describe who I am now. I want to write a book, but it's a pipe dream and I don't know that I have the confidence to see it through, though I have 2 ideas fluttering through my head and I find I can write (quite well if you ask for my opinion) but I get stumped on the research side and plot. I know I should write daily and I get cranky at myself for not sitting down and just doing it. I forget at times that by running 2 blogs, I am pretty much writing daily anyhow.

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 1 - Very Pleased to Meet You!: Write about yourself as you are in this moment. Use the five senses to do so. The main idea is that we should get a little more insight into YOU after we read your piece. Here are some (optional) questions to get you started: How do YOU look right now? What colours/fabrics/accessories are you wearing? What can you see? Consider lighting, shapes, objects. How do YOU sound right now? What can you hear? What can you smell? Does the smell remind you of anything? Can you taste anything? How do YOU feel? Comfortable? Tired? What are you touching? Is it cold, hot, smooth? What is your posture like? Slumped? Sitting? Standing? What does your posture say about your mood?

Old or Young???
I guess the best way to describe myself would be to sum up what one of the nurses said to me in hospital on my last morning there.
Nurse: oh you are wearing your jumper in bed
Me: yes it got really cold through the night, but this isn’t a jumper. It’s one of those bed jackets that you buy from Target
Nurse: but you aren’t old enough to be wearing a bed jacket…
That conversation has been bothering me for the last week or so. I am only 34 so perhaps I am considered too young to be wearing myself one of those, what I had originally considered “really cool and toasty warm” knitted pink bed jackets from Target. What do you think? Is there a certain age group that should be wearing bed jackets? Perhaps I should have described it as a jarmie jumper? I don’t know.
However add to that the amount of crochet I did in hospital… it’s not surprising I feel a little older than my 34.
Aaah, but all that happened 2 weeks ago ~ I am wiser, older and today you will find me sitting on my lounge, kicking back, relaxed, laptop on my legs. Lamp light shining on my screen, glare from the TV flashing through my senses every one in a while. A pillow nestled behind my back, my legs stretched out in front of me (crossed, I know I totally shouldn’t cross them, but hey the nurses aren’t here to yell at me) dressed in my jarmies. No pink bed jacket tonight (It had an altercation with a runny egg last night & the egg won) No siree, tonight I have my thick white terry toweling robe wrapped around me, the look topped off with my pink Peter Alexander uggies… do I get points for them?
The TV is blaring and my attention drifts as I watch the ads (seriously who the heck watches ads in this day and age of fast forward, TIVO, Foxtel?) I want to change the channel and watch some more episodes of Charmed, but that involves getting up and that would mean I’d have to stop writing this piece. I am far too relaxed to move my butt, however I know the lure of chocolates in the cupboard will be calling my name soon enough.
The sweet smell of chocolates, far better than the smell of vomit which got stuck in my sinus’ after my daughter had a bad night of flu and sickness. Actually I really need some chocolate now, I can almost taste them. What a good thing my husband has just walked in, he can get them for me and I don't even need to get up. Yay for husbands and yay for being a lazy lounge lizard.   


TheThingsIdTellYou said...

I'm actually going to have to google bed jacket! How out of the times am I? And you're only a year or two younger than I am. So I might not be old enough either.

You had me at Peter Alexander but you lost me at uggies. Sorry. :)

Glad you're joining in. I think this is going to be fun.

Madmother said...

I have a beautiful bed jacket that was my Mum's. I washed it last week, and then snuggled my nose deep within it's warmth after it dried.

Loved the imagery, now feel like i know you a little.

Selina said...

Own your inner Nanna Car! I get that age thing a lot. I act older than 36 but look 10 years younger. meh.

Thanks for giving me a little giggle this morning!

InkPaperPen said...

Some people will wear a bed jacket for its warmth and not care about the age of people who wear bed jackets - some people would never wear a bed jacket! I like that you are someone who chose the comfy warmth AND I like that you have been replaying the bed jacket conversation in your head for the past 2 weeks...This all gives a real insight into you. Thanks for joining in, hope to see you back next week for the next exercise. Gill xo

Janelle said...

I don't know what a bed jacket is, but I'm going to find out, it sounds brilliant! I think that nurse just wanted it for herself :)

Alice said...

Such a vivid picture of you through this. I totally get what you mean about the annoying, and why are the always louder than the programme you're actually watching!? Looking forward to next week's task :)