Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You spent how much?

I logged onto my private health fund last week & nearly had myself a mini heart attack when viewing my recent claims history.

A whopping bill of $49,455 for my new surgeon & a healthy rebate paid of $ 5,500... seriously... and no unfortunately I didn't see that money come into my account!!!

Only problem was - it was a BIG mistake. The bill in question was actually for my previous surgeon (from the operation in January) and was only supposed to be $ 485 with a rebate paid of $50. I clicked on the whopping big claim and found it was made up of that $485 claim about 100 times! LOL.

To make matters worse, there were another 2 mistakes directly beneath it for a further $21,000 and $20,000 billed amounts.

Clearly I must be really rich with out of pocket costs amounting to the value of $75,000 ;) OMFG!!! Obviously the costs weren't to this extent, but it did give me a little giggle though (much needed at the time)

Upon ringing my health fund it appears that sometimes online claims can go a little haywire (you think?) and it's best to request a claims history direct from them when required.

I am chomping at the bit to get all the bills finalised so that I can go and claim them from Medicare / private health, I should hopefully bet getting back around $1,500 but want to do it in one hit to save paperwork and time (I have plans to spend the amount back on an online writing course I've been eyeing off for several months now, though hubby hasn't been told of my grand plans just yet) I am STILL waiting on a bill from the Anaesthetist which I'm hoping will arrive this week. I also didn't realise that the biopsy results appear to be fully covered when in hospital? I had assumed that I would be billed accordingly, but haven't seen anything to date and my private health cover have already paid a portion direct to the pathologist?

Do you find medical bills and related somewhat confusing?   

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Sarah said...

I feel very luck to live in the UK where we have access to the National Health Service.

Yes we pay for the NHS through National Insurance and yes, we complain about waiting lists and the NHS lottery (different drugs/ treatments being available in different areas) but all told we are incredibly fortunate and we don't have to worry about private health care (unless we choose it) or paperwork at times when I'm sure it's the last thing you need to deal with.

Enjoy your writing course.