Thursday, July 21, 2011

Positivity #1 - You can ring my Bell...

Just prior to my operation, one of my good friends put together a care package (that was a half birthday / half post op recovery; oh the joys of having operations near your birthday!!!) All wrapped up and labelled, it was filled with Chocolates (Roses... my absolute favourites) a BH&G magazine (with quilting patterns... love it) some seedlings and this delightful little bell to use when I needed nursing from my dear hubby (let me assure you... he didn't find it too funny)


I've gone on and on about having good friends, who have your back and this sweet girl is definitely one of them.

On a side note: Sadly, my same friend went & landed herself in hospital for nearly a week :O A Burst Appendix and she was & still is in a bad way; poor thing, I went to visit her (and gave her a little care package, no where near as nice as hers was to me...) and the poor thing, is in so much pain with a tummy all stapled up :( I'm hoping she is back on the road to recovery again real soon, she has been through more than enough this past fortnight.

I of course went above and beyond the call of Friendship - I offered to loan her the bell LOL... I even said we could somehow engrave it with our names and dates of our operations ;) she thought it was a great idea... however her hubby went eerily quiet ~ I'm guessing he didn't quite see the funny side either???

Just incase you are wondering, which part of this post is meant to be positive ~ it's all about the joy of giving and good friendships!


Lene said...

What a beautiful friendship you must have. I love the idea of a care package and I especially love the bell! Not sure my Hubby would appreciate it either!

Princesses in Muddy Puddles said...

Oh dear, your poor friend :( Very lucky to have each other xo