Thursday, July 14, 2011

Write on Wednesday ~ Write the Music

write on wednesday

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 5: Write the Music - A bit of choice this week: Pick your favorite song and write down the first line of lyrics OR turn on the radio and write down the first line of lyrics you hear. Then set your timer for 5 minutes and write the first words that come into your head after your writing prompt.  Stop when the buzzer rings! Do this exercise over and over if you wish.
Extra Credit: After you do the exercise, try it again but this time play the song while you write. Could be an interesting way to get the creativity going...

{totally cheating this week} I am using the first few lines of a chorus.

We weren't born to follow
Come on and get up off your knees
When life is a bitter pill to swallow
You gotta hold on to what you believe

Lately I have just been following along on my merry way, following this path that I feel I should follow – all because the Doctors say so. I have been on my knees begging for mercy, it is NOT the path I want to take, but alas no-one appears to have been hearing me… it’s been rush, rush, rush between appointments and told to do this and given no reason or choice in the matter and you know what. Enoughs’ enough! Earlier this week, I crashed down once more. I spiralled out of control. I was teary and I was plain downright angry. Angry at the bitter pill that is life for me right now. I have been a nightmare to live with and I am not liking myself (let alone expecting others to like me… god forbid) but I realised today, after my physc appointment that it’s ok to hold on to what I believe in. I have choices in life and today is that day that I stand up and I make that choice. It is my life, my body and my CHOICE. I will not take another bitter pill to mask my pain, I choose to write through it and though it may well be a wee bit depressing for these exercises… trust me when I tell you there is a greater at play. I lament that I don’t want to see the bigger picture, I am afraid to face it; however this hear, these words, my words are my bigger picture. I have some fire in my belly and I am grasping hold for all I’m worth and I am going to beat this and I have something I am working toward. There is hope and I am getting up and realising that I don’t have to follow. I don’t have to be the sheep (though at times I do so like following on new and exciting trends) but today is the start.

{and attempting take 2… this time with the music playing in the background}

Music has been in my life for so long. From my late grandad playing his vintage guitar and rocking it to country music. To my late Nanny playing her organ, bashing those tunes old and older out on the piano… to hear her play tie the yellow ribbon around the old oak tree was a treat in itself. Music has been a part of who I am and lately I’ve missed that. When I was a wee child, my mum would have ‘housework’ days and she would play her old records. Yes records.. big round old black records. We’d listen and dance away to Dusty Springfield to name one that springs to mind. I don’t think us kids managed must housework, but I remember those days and I miss the carefree times we had (note to self: really should ask mum if she still has those albums tucked away… perhaps a trip down memory lane is called for) Today music was mentioned during therapy and it made me think of all the times in the past when Music soothed my soul. Lyrics sung, struck a chord within and so on the drive home, I cranked up the stereo, some old, some new. Mostly artists that made an impression in my younger years ~ John Bon Jovi ~ Once he was a huge part of my life and now, I barely get a chance to listen to his music, but today I did. I really listened to the lyrics of this song “born to follow” and it clicked. Deep within, it soothed my soul and I realised that life can get shitty at times, it’s how you roll with the punches. Aaaah ~ thank you Bon Jovi, it’s cost me a lot of money to hear what I could have heard months ago if only I’d listened.

{these were take 2 of the exercise} stupid ecto ate my original post and I think it was marginally better than these 2 pieces I had to re-do. When I realised that my initial attempt was eaten ~ I could have gone to ground and sobbed like a baby – the things that send us over the edge hey… instead I chose to pick myself back up and I did them all over again.

Please feel free to offer some constructive criticism!


InkPaperPen said...

Wow, Car. I am amazed at the difference the music made to your writing. You sounded so peaceful in your second piece. I am thinking you should play this song every day when you wake up! I loved the imagery of your Grandad rocking out on his vintage guitar and your mum and Nanny using music also. Big extra credit to you for being the only person so far this week to do the exercise with the song playing AND to lose it all and to write it again. That shows great strength.

No criticism for today's post, it sounded like you wrote from the heart and that you get a lot out of writing down your thoughts and feelings. And there isn't anything I can criticize about this.

Love the resolve you have come to. I hope that Write On Wednesday can continue to provide such an outlet for you.

Gill xo

Susan Whelan said...

Like Gill, I'm amazed at the difference in your writing with the music playing. The first piece was so passionate and emotive, the second so reflective.

I can relate to the second piece you wrote. I have wonderful childhood memories of listening to my grandmother play the piano and playing the piano myself while my grandfather played his violin. Music has been a special part of my life as well and, like you, it's something that I seem to have drifted away from in recent years. I need to stick a post-it note on my computer to remind me to turn on the stereo when I fire up the computer each day.

Thanks for your post. I'm glad that you are getting so much from the WoW exercises. I'm enjoying the thoughts that they are stirring each week as well.