Thursday, September 22, 2011

Book Review

My first assignment is calling for a ONE page, double line spacing Book review (this is for my new writing course)

As I tend to write a lot (ok I write FAR too much and have a case of verbal dioreah) I thought starting with a smaller book of only 265 pages would be well worth practicing on... Two and a bit pages (all with double line spacing) later; I am reticent to cull my words. Changing the page layout may at a pinch bring it back to 2 pages, but this is calling for a fine job of editing.

The words of Gill over at Ink Paper Pen are coming back to haunt me

"make EVERY word count"

How very apt and required at this point in time!

Thanking my lucky stars, I didn't chose a larger book to start with! LOL.

On a similar topic, I am on the lookout for Book Reviews as part of my study - can anyone recommend some magazines / newspapers that produce quality book reviews so I can peruse. I will start on the multiplying stash of magazines I have lying around, but sing out if you know of any must reads!

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