Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, Monday

Monday's in my house mean daycare & housework! Now I'm not overly fussed on either (suffering severe mummies guilt today... but I have to tell myself it is good for the long run, Miss 4 will ease into school far easier if she's at daycare... now I just need to agree with my thinking there.) Mondays are especially good because it means a stop at the local 7/11 to arm myself with a delicious coffee. It's the one day of the week that my house also gets a full once over and appears clean for about half a day (I admit it's NEVER as clean as when my best cleaner used to do it... that was my darling MIL, I would LOVE to bottle her as a cleaning agent - brilliant I tell you, brilliant!!!)

I always get a little excited for Monday's to roll around. After three days with my babe; she is more than ready for a play with her friends at daycare! Me? It's a new week, I get to start afresh! I update the diary for the week ahead, a new crisp and clean page awaits my messy pink scrawl of notes and appointments. I diligently transfer all the tasks I neglected last week (which is generally half the list!) and I add new projects, things to be done, meal plans, you know just the usual. Did I mention my coffee??

In recent weeks after taking on a little more and cutting most of my appointments back to monthly, I decided it was time to print out a new time schedule for myself. Forgetting for the moment that I will need to change this whole schedule around just after Christmas when my babe will be on official holidays in preparation for Prep next year! ON Monday's I have allocated a few hours in the afternoons to study - I swear I NEVER used to get this excited about study when I was at school - but this new writing course I am doing, I am absolutely loving. I am literally like a sponge at the moment, sucking up information on offer and soaking it all in, so it becomes one great muddle in this head of mine (but boy it is a damn site better than the mess that was hovering there a few months ago.)

ALL weekend I have been hanging out to sit down. To write. To learn. To read.

I guess you could say it's been giving me a sense of purpose. A {much needed} direction after all the changes I had earlier this year. I'm not complaining though, it feels right. Today I have spent time reading through the differences between genre and the differences between the styles of writing (short stories, novels, memoirs et al) as I'm reading through, I taking down pertinent notes and hoping that it will eventually gel together and actually stay in my brain (I swear I lost some brain cells AFTER having my daughter 4 years ago, things that would be remembered easily pre child now take ages to sink in. Pages of books, read and re-read because I just can't seem to get my brain to retain memory or information - perhaps WHY I am loving this course, it's almost as though it's shaking up a forgotten part of brain and making it all work once more!)

I am taking notes on books I'd like to read, noting down exercises I'd like to try - for example I want to try writing a short story in comparison to a character sketch (or vignette) to see if I can put a similar story in words but have one as the fictional short story and one as a sketch only (actually... I was wondering if that might be a good exercise for WOW one week, though unsure as to logistics and such?) There is no doubt that my brain is churning with ideas and it's exciting. Now I can't wait till tomorrow when I can sit down again and revise and study some more.

One of my friends on Facebook suggested to me that I should download an audio book. I've never considered doing this before and after checking out the prices on Itunes, ordered and downloaded a copy of Tim Wintons' Dirt Music. I have just recently finished reading his novel "Breath" and it was really interesting, but I'm unsure whether I would put myself as a fan of his work. I am happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone (did I mention I'm a vampire lit fanatic??? no. Well there is probably a good reason I didn't mention it!) and tried something different. I was originally going to purchase his novel Dirt Music, but after my friend mentioned the audio book version and went on to tell me how she listens to it while cleaning her house, I thought what the heck and jumped right in! This morning, I did the vacuuming and mopping and folding while listening to Dirt Music. My first audio book. It was a really good exercise. I found I listened and picked up on sentence structure that I probably would have glazed over had I been reading it ^^^ see above to where my brain cells have been kidnapped! I am fairly sure I will eventually purchase a copy of this novel to read after I listen to it, to see if I can pick out those descriptive sentences in a newer light. Perhaps THIS is precisely what my reading has needed. A little push to help see what I should already be seeing?

This Monday has been wonderfully inspiring and enlightening!   



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Lene said...

I'm loving the sound of your writer's course. It sounds like you are doing really well at it and most importantly, loving it!
Although I love having miss 2 at home with me I do look forward to the day when she starts daycare and I can have one peaceful day a week....I have another year to go before that happens though!