Sunday, September 11, 2011

Written in the numbers...

Numerology? Perhaps it's written in the numbers and I have been looking at all this baby stuff in the wrong way. It all started when Miss 4 and I had a shower last night. She is starting school next year (prep) and she will be one of the youngest in her class having just scraped in by being a June baby... quite often we use shower time as learning time. We write our letters on the shower screens and she will spell her name, her friends name and we play eye spy as well. Last night we did some numbers and she said she has number 1 in her name. I said no that's a number babe, I think you mean you have an L in your name. Easy to see how that can be mixed up - they both look the same!!! After some thought she said but what's the difference and I had to stop and think and work out how to explain to a young child the difference between letters and numbers (I was never cut out to be a teacher ;) so I explained that letters are our alphabet and they make up words. Like your name, my name, the door is a word. I tried explaining that numbers are used when you go to the shop (but think it may have confused her a little bit more) so I decided to use the tiles in the shower as my example. I explained that this is a tile and that is a word - we even spelt it out (how good am I???) I then went on to say that this is ONE tile. Then we went from there and ended up counting all the tiles she could reach. After that it all seemed to sink in and we had more understanding than before our shower.

After the shower, w continued on with our lesson & I asked her jokingly - how many mums do you have? ONE was her reply

How many dads do you have? ONE

And we ONE dog, ONE bird, ONE fish and ONE child... she cried.

We certainly have a lot of ONE's in our life. It got me thinking that perhaps this was the reason we were destined to just have one child? Or perhaps it's a mere co-incidence!

All I know is, it's got me thinking today, shame it doesn't apply to inanimate objects, if we had just ONE car... ONE boat... ONE lawnmower... ONE shed... ONE guitar... ONE TV... ONE DVD player... can anyone see what I can see. It's quite obvious that the Husbeast hasn't quite cottoned onto the ONE phenomena!

And let's not mention that we may or may not also have (more than) ONE bookshelf... (more than) ONE sewing machine... (more than) ONE camera...

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