Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diary of a NaNoWriMo - Day 1

The day dawned bright and early, though I was raring to start NaNoWriMo there were mouths to feed (mine and hers) and things to do. Like baking a batch of chocolate mini muffins. Priorities people! I sat while they were baking and I wrote. Handwrote my first 200 words, it came to me easily and it was hard to stop after just one page in my new purple colourhide journal! A shower and some rushing about to get ready (we had an interview lined up at the school) and I somehow managed 20 mins between all that to sit and write the next 200 odd words.

With 400 under my belt by 10am I was feeling pretty darn hapy wth myself. The day spiralled crazily from there, my daughter had a day off from daycare, PIL & SIL came for coffee. I had grocery shopping to do and MIL jumped at the chance to tag along by the time we returned it was late afternoon, a tired toddler, a tired mumma and dinner, baths and bed time ahead of me it was looking as though my count would remain as a measly 400. I felt it slipping away from me on Day 1. I dont do well writing at night, but maybe that is all about to change!

I picked ip my notebook while sitting on the lounge. With TV distracting me and a new show to sink my weary mind into a measly 150 bafly written words emerged. It was going from bad to worse. Maybe I had gotten in too far over my head.


Picking up the notebook after that show finished. I wrote. Page after page. Word after word flowing from my hand. Four pages, back to back. Approximately 1600* words. Yay. Day 1 = success!

Total word count to be confirmed after I type it up (based on an approximate 200 words per page average) could be more, or less.

With only 2 hours to go till Day 1 is over, this little duckis off to dreamland. Sweet dreams xxx

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Sarah said...

Great start Car. Well done! :)