Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diary of a NaNoWriMo - day 3

Today I decided to start writing early. I cannot do yet another late night of writing like the last two (only day 3 and I'm feeling burnt out, what will the remainder of the month hold in store for me?)

After dropping my girl at Daycare this morning, I raced home and did a few hours work for my hubby, that I don't have an option on - it has to be done. Feeling better that side of my life is relatively up to date, I came inside and finished a few crafty  projects that had been lying around.

Tired but determined, I brewed a coffee from my new machine - this is the most awesome coffee machine around! A delonghi Nespresso pod machine. It brews a cup in minutes. Best purchase ever!

Hanging out in the office today, my coffee and some quality music to get the soul singing and the fingers flowing.
And supplies. Chocolate to fortify me and my notebook so far. Although today I typed my next installment. Using Omm Writer, it is a full screen writing app that blocks all other apps on the computer. I have only today discovered how to reduce it to get access to emails, facebook and twitter. That could be a bad thing! 

It's a Wrap... 
Todays' Words written - 2176
Current Word tally - 6604     
Only one coffee (so far) and a couple of peanut M&M's 

Feeling very happy with my word count to date, working on the average daily words needed to reach my goal (1667 words) I should be sitting around the 5,000 mark. I feel pretty good knowing I've got an extra day up my sleeve already for those days that I can't write anything.  From here on in, I am going to aim for 2,000 words per day - I think it's achievable without too much pressure on myself. I hope.    


No one said...

Wow! You'e doing really well! I've been reading today. Trying to get a book read that I need to review by the middle of the month. My word count is suffering! The coffee machine looks ace, too! Mmmm, real coffee and chocolate, now that's a recipe for success!

Sarah said...

Doing great Car and how much do I want your coffee maker ;)