Friday, November 4, 2011

Diary of a NaNoWriMo - day 4

Very slow today, I wrote up a blogpost earlier tonight and was sitting on a measly 200 word installment, with no inclination to pick up my notebook or computer I was thinking I would have to rely in yesterdays excess word count. Luckily the words started to flow after a big meal and a little mindless TV!
plugged into the Glee soundtrack, my pen flew across the page and have reached my average page count (actual word count tomorrow) and OMG I wrote a love scene :o Im not sure how I feel about that as the main character at this point in my story was my Great Grandmother! I mean everyone knows parents shouldnt be you know "wink, wink" let alone grandparents or great grandparents. Perhaps I will cut it out of the final edit, or perhaps not - it adds meat and I needed that!

Tomorrow I will be back to share with you some other hige things happening in November (I keep losing this post, so really must publish it before I throw a tanty!)

It's a Wrap... 
Todays' Words written - 2261
Current Word tally - 8865    
SOS... ran out of milk and chocolate; desperate run to shops on the cards tomorrow AM!!! 

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Sarah said...

Still rooting for you Car (although you might one to re-phrase 'it adds meat' ha ha ;) x