Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Diary of a NaNoWriMo - day 8

Stepping out of my comfort zone earlier today, I did stop off at my local Zaraffas cafe and I sat down with my Grande Cappucino and my notebook and I wrote. Only about 400-500 words, but a vast improvement on yesterday's efforts of a measly 200. Remembering also I am on time constraints today being between appointments.

The funny thing is my local Zaraffas is at our local shopping centre! Once I got over my initial nerves of sitting there all by myself *shock-horror* I pulled out my notebook and thought stuff it - just write already! Many a time I have seen others sitting on their own writing, typing or reading.

It felt so exhilarating. My story flowed as I munched on some yummy toasted banana bread. I was surprised at how well I did blocking out the conversations and general shopping centre noise around me. Next time I will have to find a cafe that isn't so open. A tiny corner in the rear of a quiet cafe might be more suitable, I just need to think where I can find me one of those!

I did realise one very interesting fact about myself today though, it appears that when I write my head tilts to the left (I am right handed). Now I'm not sure why but I do have a crazy theory about it. You know the right side / left side of the brain in terms of analytical / creativeness and all that jazz, well I think that perhaps I lie my head to the left to get the information flowing down from my right (and more dominant) side. Or maybe I'm just making all this up to procrastinate and waste time before my hair appointment. I did a quick online test (on painting, which in hindsight was silly because I am not a painter) and my score came in at 55% right side. So it appears I am pretty much using both sides practically equally, maybe the head lolling is just to balance that 5% buffer across the two???

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