Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bitter Little Pill

Back in July 2011 I had a final appointment with my new specialist - a quick post op appointment and fairly routine. I left his rooms with a prescription, advise to return to previous specialist if I experienced any future complications and a bucket load of tears. I didn't cry in his rooms, I swore I wouldn't lose it in front of him and truly I don't know how I managed to keep it all together as I was in a bad place & he had just prescribed the Birth Control Pill.

The Birth Control Pill.

I wanted another baby.

The Birth Control Pill did NOT fit into any of my plans. It was not wanted yet I was being told by ALL the professionals that it was what I needed to do.

To control the endometriosis they said.

The silly immature Me wonders if this was just a ploy to get me out of their offices fast and move to the next patient.

The mature grown up Me thinks that they were trying to find a way to save any fertility I may have remaining (which after all I've been through is probably not much and a moot point) and that this was their stop gap fix.

In August 2010 I started taking Brevinor Birth control Pill. It was a bitter sweet moment. I felt like a teenager all over again and within a week I can assure you I looked like a teenager again too and NO it did not remove my crows' feet nor perk up my droopy saggy boobs… it gave me acne. And lots of it at that.

Fast forward a few months and I returned to my GP to discuss the pill and how I was getting a lot of spotting, every couple of weeks. I wasn't supposed to be bleeding at all (they had prescribed a continuous pill - no sugar pills) and I was advised to give it a few months and at least 5 packets for my body to get used to it. Each month the bleeding would get less and less until eventually I would have none. If it didn't settle by Christmas I was to return and either try another pill OR look at getting a Mirena inserted.

Christmas came and went along with more bleeding - I quickly learnt that the spotting / bleeding wouldn't go away until I stopped taking the continuous pill for 3 days or so. Then I would get some relief for a few days. It all came to a head at Christmas when I had a mere 11 days between bleeding - it was then I decided to stop. It was obvious the pill (or this one) just wasn't for me, I had given it more than enough chances and it still wasn't working. My body had rebelled every step of the way.

I lasted a whole month off the pill, enough time for my skin to clear up, my (even worse) PMT to return and to have a spot on cycle - the first I've had in 3 years that's been closer to 28 days than my normal 23-25 days! I was happy until AF hit. OMFG. Pain. So much pain. I lasted 2 days and after continuously popping nurofen to manage the pain I started taking the pill again. Just until I could get back to my GP which hasn't been until just now. After discussing it with her, I've been given a few options - none of which appeal to me but I'm finding I'm not left with much if I'm wanting to manage this blasted disease. So step one is to switch pills. I am yet to research the new one - Yasmine which I am told by the Doctor is more expensive than the Brevinor (think 3 times the price) I was also told by my GP that she doesn't believe this will work. My body just doesn't sound like it will do as it should :(

Sharing my story as part of the Endometriosis Awareness month in March.