Monday, June 4, 2012

Daily Writing Challenge #1 Status Anxiety

So, so Bored.

I lie here gazing idly at the vast expanse of gridded white ceiling above me. A crack as long as my arm trails from one edge of the access panel to the next. Dust bunnies alight from the steady stream of sun through the plate glass window, dance in the air above me. I see the beginnings of a patch of mould to the right of me and I remind myself to tell the janitor to bring his trusty bottle of oil of cloves next time he empties my bin.

I lie here day in, day out not able to move and wish the Doctors would decide that today is the day to remove this steel tube that is keeping my airways open. It’s coldness irritates me of a night when the weather shifts and the air around me rapidly cools. Throughout the day I am parched and I am so, so bored. Lying here. Day by day. Month by month. Year by year.


This weeks' challenge is to write 5 blog entries - after much deliberation, I have decided to start small and will be working my way backward to work on some of the earlier prompts I missed during the WOW exercises last year.

The first prompt I missed was Week 6 "Status Anxiety" basically we had to write a 5 min stream of words based on a recent Facebook (or social media) status update. I didn't time myself for this exercise. The first status update in my Facebook feed today was "So, So Bored" very fitting that it belonged to a distant cousin of mine who was the grand-daughter of one of my Nan's all time favourite cousins!     

I have decided to continue with my story on my late Nan and here I will be sharing small snippets of what I see fit to share at this time. I have also decided to start writing her story seriously again. Today I am aiming for another 1000 words - you know sometime between study, housework, life, errands and a crafty life.   


Rachel said...

Great start Car!

Sarah said...

This is good Car, really very good! There is great detail and it's very real.

Im not sure - is it the latest WoE challenge? The reason I ask is that I (and at least one other person) cant access Gills blog - it says 'by invitation only'.

If it is, could you let Gill know there is a problem, I'd really hate to lose the link to this and everyone there. Thank you.

Car said...

Sarah thanks for your feedback! This is one of the really old WOW challenges (I think it was week 6) I copied them into a word document to work on at a later date since I wasn't in the right headspace at the time.

I only saw the other day that Gills' blog is now private and the Facebook page is no longer there :( shame because I really enjoyed these weekly writing exercises!

Sarah said...

What a shame. Maybe it's not a mistake then ...

Perhaps if either of us comes across another similar type of blog we could let the other know?

Meanwhile I think I will email Gill again just to wish her well.