Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daily Writing Challenge… rediscovering your child's eye

The sound of the TV was blaring some British sitcom theme song and she was so engrossed in the show she does not hear my thundering footsteps up the back steps or the screen door slamming shut. Taking pride of place in the centre of the room sits a coffee table, it's mottled brown-toned tiles a colourful mosaic set atop four sold brown timber legs. A loose tile rattles as she places her tea cup upon it. The table looks as though it's as old as her. There are stories to be told in every inch of this vintage treasure, the scratches down it's legs, the broken pieces of tile glued back together. Years of use and the administrations of five little boys, it is a surviving remnant of the times.     


You know those days when you write something and you spend more time crossing it out and re-writing it because the words just wouldn't flow? Well that was me on Tuesday. I took my notebook and a writing exercise book along to swimming lessons and I sat and tried to write a short piece on "rediscovering your child's eye" basically we had to describe a friends place that you go to regularly and describe it in detail. Whether it was the place (noisy swim centre) or just not feeling in the right frame of mind - my first attempt is pretty poor.

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