Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dr Google is EVIL…

Rule #1 of the internets… don't Google symptoms. Quite aside from the fact you usually end up with a multitude of unwanted email spam in your email folder… NO I do NOT need viagra thank you very much! Usually the search will take you places your mind doesn't want to go and adds un-necessary worry.

Like 2 weeks ago, I had suffered hot flushes off and on ALL day. Horrible bloody things they are, my face was constantly burning up but the rest of my body was freezing. It got to the stage on the way home, I had the Aircon blasting and my face would still not cool down. My body on the other hand was freezing. Odd because if anyone knows me, you will know I'm a frog and absolutely miserable in the cold weather!

So I come home and Dr Google diagnoses me with early menopause; cause like I'm 35 and I totally wanted to hear that! Or worse some form of Cancer. 

Fast forward to last night and with AF still AWOL I start searching possible causes because this is NOT normal for my body. Of course what do I stumble across - premature early menopause. 

Some would say it's a sign…. 

A sure sign to back the frick away from the evil computer and the equally evil Dr Google. 

Do you Google weird stuff? 

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