Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{fateful discovery} Menage Monday Prompt

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Tiny yellow and white daisies speckled the lush green blades of grass of the field ahead.

Behind a path of destruction as daisies lay trampled, shattered stems with soiled petals coated in a blizzard of clipped grass.

Four hooves, pounding solidly across the field toting a rhythm upon the hard ground underfoot.

This was the moment she'd been striving toward, this time she was playing for keeps. As the memory of her fathers disapproving voice rung in her ears, she knew this was her only chance to prove him wrong.

If she made this kill, it would feed their family the entire cold season and her father would have to admit defeat.

The bison stood still up ahead, staring warily down at her. Slowing her mare to a trot, she raised her Arrow and drew the Bow slowly, pausing momentarily her eyes focused on his. Deep dark brown eyes, rimmed with thick bushy eyelashes returned her stare. Awaiting its fate, his knowing eyes seemed to pierce her soul. Begging her, the silent plea awakened her senses. Lowering the bow and arrow, placing her hand across her heart she knew now her destiny lay in healing not killing.


197 words - Flash fiction for Menage Monday #41

I was 20 mins late submitting this piece so it won't be included in the judging this week! I forgot the the time frame on this prompt is US which means we don't see the prompt until close to 10pm on Monday night and it closes Tuesday lunch time. Tuesday mornings are notoriously busy for me so I daresay I will miss the closing time for this prompt each week. Shame. Still I had fun and it's good to stretch the creativity to areas I wouldn't normally venture.   

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