Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heading to Camp!

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I'm off to boot camp… or in this case Writing Camp. 

What was I thinking when I signed up… especially after the spectacular crash that was NaNoWriMo Nov11- now that was an ill-fated adventure for me… while I didn't get anywhere near the finish line (I think I was still tying up my hiking boots when everyone had arrived home ;) I DID however manage some words. More words than I've ever attempted before which is a very good thing. It got me WRITING. Therein lies the point.


I've opted not to bunk down in the cabins (unless of course Miss Dove decides to join me… which if that happens - writing? What writing camp???) 

So as I pack my swag with goodies - imagine me under the endless stars, a vodka cruiser or three and plenty of chocolate! A notebook to handwrite my story (yes hand-write… I'm slightly crazy okay!) and my all time favourite pen. A beanie, Uggies and 10 bags of marshmallows - who needs real food when camping in the wilderness? 

I will try to radio in here each night, so I can share my tally with you all and get my daily dose of civilisation to keep those crazy levels of sanity I'm so accustomed to.

I'd say go ahead & wish me luck, but am afraid that as un-co as I am if you say "break a leg" I might just do it! 

(ETA if per chance you see no further posts from me in August… can we safely assume that camp was flooded out and I've been stuck at home? 'Kay… sweet works for me too!)   

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