Friday, July 27, 2012


Can I tell you a dirty little secret?  Good do I have your attention? 

We have a RAT!!!  












Image from Here

Yet I remain unconvinced that he and his cohorts are as cute as this little critter. They are so LOUD and the banging that keep up ALL NIGHT LONG are driving me batty. To the point I feel like doing this:

Ratatouille 28














Again image from Here

Of course these thoughts of throwing knives at them could be entirely related to a raging case of Hormones. Why is it that during PMT we get the urge to take up dangerous sports? In the past week alone I've had the urge to either a) join the circus as a knife throwing apprentice or b) obtain a yearly membership to a shooting range. Raging hormones aside these pesky little creatures are doing my head in. It's gotten to the stage, every time they scurry and bang across the roof, I find myself yelling at the ceiling to get the Fudgesicals out of my house or god help me there'll be trouble. I can't possibly be the only crazy person to do this… right?!? I'm guessing they are smarter than the average rat because you know with my fear of heights they know I can't possibly come up into the ceiling after them.

No matter I still have a broom ;)

I have visions of DH coming home one afternoon and finding a crazy wild haired lady in the corner with her broom; surrounded by broken ceiling plaster. Looking up he sees the holes. So many holes. I might have mentioned this vision to DH and it wasn't warmly received - could be he was remembering several years ago; a house around the corner was up for sale as is. The past occupant had gone CRAZY - drilled holes all over the cement floor, ripped out roof panels, peeled back wall plaster and so on. I could totally relate to that CRAZY man. Isn't it obvious - he must have had Rats! Or treasure. 











So our little friends appear to have settled in and have no intention of leaving. I won't lie and say that I don't sometimes fear that one day they will come come pouring out through the ceiling panels like that scene in the beginning of the movie. Seriously.

We had pest control out to to set baits as well we have set our own traps and yet nothing, running & scuttling around the roof as though they own the place. I apologise to any of you who own Rats as pets, while I understand that the talk of baits and traps might be less than appealing to you - I can no longer have them squatting in our roof. We live on semi-rural property - if they don't go soon, we WILL end up with Snakes. And to be perfectly honestly - the house would be on the market faster than you can say SNAKE; there is no way I will live here knowing a slithering icky snake has taken up residence!  

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