Friday, July 6, 2012

Research and Genealogy

Earlier today (in a bid to clean my study) I pulled out some old paperwork that once belonged to my late Nan. I had forgotten how many photocopies I had collected over the years and once more I sat down with copies of her family tree and tried piecing together the blanks. It's amazing how a simple family tree can end up having so many spiderwebs - the more people you add the bigger it becomes.  To make matters worse there are so many people in the tree that have similar names; so I find myself having to think is this the Great Grandfather or the Great great grandfather - only to find the Great, Great, Great Grandfather of the other spouse has the same name. Aarrh! 

Tonight I finally bit the bullet and put out a call to a few of my relatives on Facebook. In the hopes they may have SOME information - no matter how small that may be. Even with a simple date (birth or marriage), I've found it can open up a whole new avenue of searching. Fingers crossed for some shared information. 

To top matters off I have a million questions surrounding one pertinent member of the family tree. Two names have been mentioned in the past and I have found diddly squat in both births and death notices for that person, in either name given. Luckily I do have the original wedding certificate of said person here with me, but finding more information has been a needle in a haystack for me.

I wrote the other day about how important it is for me to keep a record of ME. It seems silly to write down crazy little things - but after going through our family history; those little things - the cost of sewing a dress back in the late 1920's and what the world was like back then, it makes my little journals all that little more precious. So much so - I'm half considering buying a fire safety box to store them all in. Or scan them all.  

Have you ever researched family history? What do you do when you hit a brick wall?  

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