Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why do we blog?

Today as I was writing a blog post to share some photos on my crafty blog; I thought to myself I must remember to take a photo of the next blanket I chain up and then write a blog post about it. Then I got to thinking… why do we write blogs?

A fellow blogger told me the other day that she couldn't see the point of blogging when you feel you are just talking to yourself.

It got me thinking and I thought about how few followers I have both here and there. And how I get even fewer comments on each post.

Yet I still continue to blog. I blog the ups and downs right here. Of life. Of living. Of carving out a writing dream in a world where blogging has made everyone a writer. Over there I blog my creative pursuits. My failed ventures. My Wins. My art, crafts and dreams.

Last week I finished a crochet blanket. It took me 2 years from buying the magazine with the pattern to hooking together the final squares. 199 squares crocheted through the heat of summer and the cold dark depths of winter (hee hee!!) Along the journey I blogged my progress on the blanket. I have photographed small squares by themselves and stacked high. Squares laid out in pattern. Wonky squares where there may (or may not) have been a beer in the background. This blanket now lies across my daughters bed and the story of how that blanket came to be has been journalled and photographed in small snippets over it's long journey and will now be forever remembered thanks to my blog.
A small moment of history, a small piece of me shared with the world.

It doesn't matter that I am a small blogger with but a handful of faithful followers and commenters. It doesn't matter that my little 5cm square meant nothing in those readers' day to day lives.
What does matter is my small 5cm square that grew and grew to become a glorious and colourful blanket made up of 199 small squares and that journey has now been recorded for my daughter and it tells a little about me. The person I am today.

So often we lose the essence of who a person was until it is far too late.

That is why I blog.


LittleWhiteDove said...

Great point Car. I love reading back through my old blog posts, and will continue to blog even with my three readers and one commenter ;) And i LOVE your blankie. Promise you'll bring her in November?

Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean. Whilst my blog is mostly craft, it's also a piece of me.

Sarah said...

That's exactly why we do it Car - yes, it's to share with others but essentially it's a piece of us to keep forever.

Unknown said...

Whether you have a handful or a bucket load of followers, it is good to write. And while people like me are fascinated with the lives and thoughts of others, we will continue to read (and sometimes even comment).

~LilOlFrankie~ said...

lol you're talking about me.... *shock* You'll be pleased to know I started my posts back up today... before I saw this lol Haven't had time to do anything "good" yet, but working on it....

Faithfully yours.... fellow blogger!!! :o)

Karen said...

You've got me hooked. You write from the heart and share a piece of yourself. Keep blogging :)

Unknown said...

My insane urge to document every moment in my life is what started me blogging. I love that one day my daughter will be able to look back through and have insight into my life at that point in time. I hope that I'll be there to share them with her, but if I'm not then they'll be all the more important. Plus I'm used to talking to myself, I do it all day long ;)