Friday, August 31, 2012

{Cascade} a Visual Dare Prompt

The visit with her parents, had left her feeling drained and she decided on a whim to walk up the mountain to the local waterfall. She needed a change of pace and though she had a myriad of more pressing jobs to be getting on with, right now the lure of peace and quiet was more appealing to her senses.

She breathed deeply in the fresh mountain air as she hiked higher up the mountain. The temperature dipped as she wandered along and the crisp cool air felt like tendrils of ice down her spine. She shivered, it had been a long cold winter and she was feeling a little like a butterfly finally emerging from its grey coocoon.

She felt the vibrations of the water long before she arrived and she hurried forward in anticipation, praying there was no one else around to share the solitude with.

Removing her shoes, and scrambling up onto the big rock overhang, she hitched up her skirts and let her bare legs dangle in the icy rushing water of the mountain spring. The sweet sound of birdsong was all around and lying back she closed her eyes as she finally succumbed to the peaceful surround.

Linking up a few days late with Anonymous Legacy I haven't written in a week and this little piece has just proved that point ;)
This is a little excerpt for my story and I have plans to take it further. I need to practice writing more solitary pieces and I am looking at ways to bring my solitary characters together to make this next section flow. It is proving a little difficult and scary. So the question is do I continue on with the piece in the solitary form or should I write in my other character?

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Angela said...

O my - I want to go hiking with her! I need a respite like that. Beautiful description! Another excellent Visual Dare. :)

As to your question - I like the solitary "voice" of this excerpt, though I don't know what it is you have in mind with the other POV. Don't be afraid to change it up!

Looking forward to more!!

LittleWhiteDove said...

Great visuals Car! I'm with Angela on this one, I'd keep going in the singular, it'll make a nice contrast, and I think will give you more scope to expand on this character.

Now. Where's my hiking boots?

Jo-Anne Teal (jtvancouver) said...

If you're worried about keeping a solitary character and dealing with his/her inner voice, then I say you stay with it. I try to use the challenges to write things that are different for me, and that scare me. You've got a great beginning here. Extend it to see how it goes. Doesn't mean you have to carve it in stone. Go for it! But just to come back to this piece - well done :))