Monday, August 13, 2012

{Distance} a Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

Lillie McFerrin
Resting her head back upon the red leather seat, the endless road loomed windy and bumpy. Her eyes seeing everything yet nothing, as the emotional turmoil of the previous few weeks caught up. Tall brown grass as high as the car windows gently swayed in the billowy wind, as tall trees slipped past one by one. Far ahead lay her home in the mountains, behind her the city hospital where her daughter was now interned. Her heart in two places at once, her soul paving the long dirt road between them.
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Jeff Tsuruoka said...

It's got a nice flow to it. If you haven't already done so you should read it aloud. It sounds great.

Sandra Crook said...

I liked the idea of the soul paving the long dirt road ... nicely done. I think I'd lose one of the 'tall's in the third sentence perhaps. Enjoyed this.