Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 5 & 6

Evening Folks, writing to you with a much clearer head after a full on day of activities here at camp...

Yeah so apparently Day 5 didn't happen… it passed me by in a blurry haze of tissues, cold & flu tablets and vintage movies (I can call Dirty Dancing a vintage now can't I???) I made no attempt to write and I didn't even beat myself up over it (even knowing full well how much I struggle to jump back in when giving myself a day off!) 

Day 6 (today) was headed in the same direction as day 5; until I had a call to collect the sick child from school. So I came home and after getting her every food under the sun and setting her up with some movies. I scooted into my study to transfer the writing I actually MANAGED to complete over the weekend from here: 

IMG 2881

















What a cool set up hey? My iPad with a bluetooth keyboard! I took it along to the library last Friday and typed like crazy. The beauty is I have 3G while I'm out and about so it was like taking my laptop without lugging around my actual laptop + cords AND I didn't have to worry about getting an internet stick for my laptop!
I have worked out that if I type my words directly into My Memoir (which is a cool app found here) I can export either the page I'm working on OR the whole journal via email as either a text document (as email) OR as an ePub. It is beyond awesome and I will be definitely be putting this setup to use on future study days!

Tonight we did a writing race with a couple of good friends on Facebook. I wrote like the wind (and I keep saying that because I just watched Dirty Dancing… "she's like the wind" and I'm trying to give my inner goddess a run for her money tonight ;) in 20 mins I managed 665 words! Yay me, it closed off an important section very nicely!

A small snippet of my story from tonights writing race - unedited!

In the morning he was gone. A lone note fluttered in the soft wind upon the beside table.

His words almost illegible and scrawled.

"Goodbye for now. No promises. Until we are one again. BL"

Tears snaked their way down her face as she pounded the pillow with pent up frustration. Anger at him. Anger at herself for letting him walk away from her AGAIN. Anger at a world that had already dealt her far too many blows.

Slowly she dressed and gathered up all her belongings. She sat when she was finished and stared down at her one small bag. One small bag that signified her life. Sighing she bent down to pick it up and with one last glance around the room that had not only been her home, but also the place she said her final goodbyes to him. She bowed her head and walked to the door.

Leaving his ghost in this room. Leaving her daughter in that hospital.

Leaving her heart and soul.

She was all alone


The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 24,060
Words today: 1,973
Camp Total: 10,757


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