Thursday, August 9, 2012

Letter Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 7


This week has been a write off… and not in the 'right' {aka write} way either. With a sick child earlier in the week and feeling a little under the weather myself. I've found myself weighted down and words have stalled. This afternoon (in the whole ONE hour I have left till I have to pick up the girl) I have plans to transfer some of my paperwork / research notes into file for easy reference. I'm hoping that will give me the oomph I need to start writing again or at least planning the new direction. 
As of Tuesday I was standing at 26K words which I'm happy with. I would be REALLY happy if I can manage to get it to 30K before the weekend. But we will see.   

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 24,864
Words today: 804
Camp Total: 11,561

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