Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Letter Home from {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 1

Hello Muddah… Hello Faddah

Day one finds me well. 

Arrival at camp this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed - adventure awaits us! We were assigned cabins -  now I know I did say that I was more than happy to camp nuddy under the stars - but it's winter down here. And bloody cold. The tequila hasn't warmed the cockles yet, though my cabin mate Miss Dove seems to be flat on the floor… she took the song literally! The Tequila song not the Camp Granada! AND she missed the memo to leave the kiddie winks at home.

And she wonders why I'm kicking her backside?

I daren't be too cocky though. She's liable to go all ninja chicken on me through the night… but that's ok, she don't realise this songs gonna be stuck in her head ALL. BLOODY. NIGHT!

Boot Camp Writing today. I had no idea where I would start - I'm a pantser like that (I said PANTser… not panther - No Muddah, no Faddah - do NOT come and collect me, I am loving Camp Granada - I mean CampNaNoWriMo) I wrote like the wind and what I thought was a measly 1600 words {yay I reached quota for day 1} was actually a whopping 2297 words! I'm Kicking Camps butt. 

Must sign off now, damper is cooked and I'm off to slam down a few Tequilas to celebrate my win on day 1.     

 Your soon to be a real Writer daughter who will try & remember to keep you in retirement.  


The Daily Stats

Opening word count:  14,056  

Words today: 2297

Camp Total: 2297



Small (un-edited) excerpt from today: 

She slept easily for the next few hours that night, but in the early hours of the next month she dreamt of mummy. Except mummy was at the top of the hill and no matter how high she climbed she couldn't reach her. It was never high enough. Sobbing she ran faster, scrabbling to hold onto the trees as the mountain became steeper. Mummy had her head bowed and she walked further and further from her. 

"Mummy" she called, although it sounded loud in her mind, it came out as a small whisper. She tried vainly to call louder, but mummy couldn't hear her. Finally with tired arms and legs she sank to the ground and cried. Silent sobs echoed around her that no-one else could hear. She felt all alone out here in the wilderness. Lost and cold. Sad and so very lonely.

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LittleWhiteDove said...

Oi! What happens on camp, stays on camp! I could tell some tales, if only my poor wee head would stop aching . Must buy Berocca STAT.