Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letter Home from {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 2

Hey folks!

I have been banned from sharing any further camp shenanigans.. it's a shame really cause the party REALLY got started last night when the Tequila hit the table. Words? What words? Stories… well the stories I could TELL - but remember I'm not allowed. Mum's the word!

Today with sore heads and Berocca fuelling our bounce, we started the day with the wind in our sails and I wrote like a crazy lady. And it was really neat handwriting too!  

IMG 2876

I managed 3 cups of coffee (I am so going to regret that when I'm bouncing off the walls later tonight ;) 1 donut (Krispy kremes of course), 2 handfuls of snickers pods; and 2360 words. See told you - I am hammering this boot camp!  
Until tomorrow - send more chocolate. And coffee.
Your daughter 

The Daily Stats

Opening word count:  16,353  

Words today: 2,360

Camp Total: 4,657


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