Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letters Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day 14 & Menage Monday

STRUGGLING. My new character is KILLING ME! He won't speak to me and I seem to be typing SO SLOWLY trying to get his place within the story; before abandoning him for a few months and returning to the 2 main characters. I sat staring at my computer screen this morning, unmotivated and procrastinating - as you do. Then I decided at the last minute to write something for Menage Monday. Except by the time I finished the competition was closed. Rather than submit what I wrote as a late entry - I decided to sit on it and add to it and make it this characters storyline. 
Tomorrow after I do school drop off, I aim to swing by St Ronalds for a coffee and bagel then home to churn out some more of his story. In between packing for a weekend away.
anyhow… here's my attempt at MM. The original prompts / photo can be found here.

The first night he went to bed stone cold sober he tossed and turned for what seemed like an eternity until he finally drifted off into a troubled slumber.

The dream hit him like a cannon - soldiers dressed in long white raincoats, hard round hats upon their heads, marching resolutely forward over graves of the fallen.

Stones upon each grave, mirrored the soldiers as they trudged on. Sorrowful faces as their ghostly and eerie reflections flickered as they passed by.

He stared down as the mirrored graves morphed into glass. Men. Comrades. Civilians. Staring back at him. Imprisoned beneath the earth. I’ve got a horrible feeling about this he thought as his dream shattered into pieces. Suddenly he found himself trapped beneath the glass. Soldiers walked above, staring down at him but not really seeing him. Taunting him. Leaving him as he had deserted them. Trapped for an eternity. His screams were lost amongst the sound of retreating footsteps. In his hand a bottle of rum appeared, it wasn’t the first time he’d found one of those in there. He raised it to his lips, the bittersweet liquor trickled down over his lips as he greedily drank himself into a sweet oblivion.

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 27,887 
Words today: 764
Camp Total: 13,375


LittleWhiteDove said...

Wow, powerful stuff. I missed MM this week too.

Car said...

Why thank you Miss Dove :)