Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letters home {CampNaNoWriMo} day 4

Day 4 finds me fuzzy around the edges as I battle this blasted head cold!

After a few hours surfing the net, curled up on the couch; I finally headed outside to the glorious sunshine and set up a makeshift desk!

After the five sentence fiction, where my mediocre attempt nearly wiped me out... I put the writing aside in Favour of some crochet squares!

Lucky for me some writing races were organized on twitter and I typed solidly for 50 mind churning out 1500 words + uncounted (untyped) page and a half in my notebook! I dare say the minimum word count was reached today... Barely!

Fingers crossed the head clears tomorrow and I churn out a food word count!


The Daily Stats

Opening word count: 22,261

Words today: 1,797

Camp Total: 8,784


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