Monday, August 13, 2012

Letters Home {CampNaNoWriMo} Day… ???

The days are passing me by in a blur. As sickness took hold of my household last week - my story languished after hitting an impasse with a new character I was trying to introduce. This new character is being elusive. What information I do 'know' on him is sketchy at best and I am waiting patiently for him to start talking to me. I think I may be in for a long wait because he really only has a 'bit part' in the bigger story. Yet something tells me there are a myriad of ways I can expand on him, write him in a better light than he has been portrayed in historical documents. He has his own story to tell. Whether that story will be a mere few thousand words or more is yet to be seen.

On the story as a whole, I have reached a fork in the road. The first part of my story has been written and from here the story must take two separate roads. Both are solitary roads yet I must write them together. Seamless.

This part of the story covers the important years, the whole reason I decided to start telling this story.

It will also be very emotional - I fear that writing this emotional turmoil (albeit the characters turmoil) will ultimately affect ME. I also fear that if I skip over the emotional side because of my own 'issues' then I won't have done the story justice. Writing this sounds completely crazy, but one major thing I have learnt while writing this story is that you end up living, breathing, loving and occasionally hating these characters and their idiosyncrasies. These characters I'm trying to bring to my life are my ancestors, and while I have been able to put aside the fact that they are 'related to me' in order to write difficult scenes; I am finding it very emotionally wearing imagining how I would deal in such a situation. I am afraid to say I would wither. My characters were indeed strong - stronger than I!

Tonight I've teed up a word sprint or two. I am hoping that with the words churned out during that, I can continue adding words to reach a 30K total by Thursday. Two days. 3.200 words. Entirely. Do-able.

The Daily Stats
Opening word count: 26,837
Words today: 1050
Camp Total: 12,611

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