Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Minimal} Visual Dare Prompt

Lying back in bed, she stared above her at the exposed wooden logs. The timber logs, once green had aged and shrunk since her brothers had built this small shack. Small patches of sunlight streamed through the cracks of the iron roof. She sighed at the thought of having to get up there and repatch it once again. Her room was sparce, a simple bed, some drawers and her empty suitcase. Clothes thrown across the room in a fit of anger the night before, had some to rest in the corner.

The sight was sad, depressing much like the state of her life right now.

My sadly lacking attempt at the Visual Dare prompt this week. I only needed 95 words to bring my total story over 30,000 words (15,000 for Camp) Thankfully Ive done that and now Im signing off to spend a long weekend with some wonderful friends! Im officially giving myself a writing break while Im away!


JB Lacaden said...

Love the emotion this story invokes. I'm curious as to what's happening to the MC's life.

Angela said...

So much symbolism in this tiny package -- love it. I'm wondering too, what has happened to bring her to this point. Great work! Another great VisDare successfully rendered. :)

Anonymous said...

100 words that tell us so much and at the same time evoke so many questions.
A great piece of writing.