Monday, August 20, 2012

{Night} A Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

 Lillie McFerrin

Stars glittered brightly against the dark black night sky as the fire crackled a stark contrast of red and orange. Feeling her body finally relax as she lay back in his arms, she gazed above her. A sudden streak of white light, the remains of a single shooting star left a trail across the black sky. Closing her eyes she muttered her same wish. One small wish, as yet un-granted, she wondered if perhaps this time it would be hers. 


Linking up with Lillie McFerrin again this week for Five Sentence Fiction


Sandra Crook said...

I sincerely hope that wish would come true. A lovely piece, very atmospheric.

injaynesworld said...

I agree with Sandra. Lovely way to capture the whole atmosphere of the night and wishing on a star. Very nicely done.

Lisa Shambrook said...

So beautifully written and gorgeous imagery!