Monday, August 13, 2012

{Table for one} Visual Dare #17

Table for one













Staring across at the small pub on the corner with it’s small tables set out along the sidewalk – alfresco dining they were calling it. According to the nurses at the hospital, it was becoming quite common. They used the word common as though everybody would be able to afford such extravagant dining. Her idea of alfresco dining was a tatted picnic rug - a patchwork of old clothes no longer wearable and hand pieced together painstakingly late at night after she had completed her everyday sewing jobs. Fresh damper from the fire pit, layered with cheese and pickles. Milk, freshly milked each day from her dairy cow. These city folk, they were worlds away from her simple life back home.


Linking up to Anonymous Legacy this week (VERY LATE!) This prompt was a hard one for me as my current storyline is set in the 30's and I daresay 'alfresco dining' wasn't heard of back then. So forgive my sad sack attempt of trying to cross the timelines. 


LittleWhiteDove said...

I love it Car! Now, pass a slice of that damper, there's a good girl.

Jo-Anne Teal said...

I really enjoyed your story too! A different take and one that hints at a deeper issue. Intriguing :))

Angela said...

Well done!! I think you crossed timelines very well. I'm rather intrigued by this character, who's "luxury" is to find time enough to make her own picnic blanket. Darn those city folk and their silly ideas!!

Angela said...

WHOSE, not who's.....ergh.

Lillie McFerrin said...

Nicely done!! Really enjoyed the lovely language in this piece.