Saturday, August 4, 2012

{Victory} Five Sentence Fiction Prompt

She held it aloft, as proud as any Olympian could be.
This moment so long awaited, far better than a medal for she.
A voice whispered in dulcet soft tones, could now be heard afar.
She rose above her staunchest critics and began to raise the bar.
We'll call him Mork she excitedly told, an electronic voice for me...

Joining in with Lillie and her Five Sentence Fiction this week. It's not by best effort by far, but with a blasted head cold it's the best I could do and I think it works well as a lame attempt at poetry (I don't even know if I got my A, A, B, B, A's in the correct order) but considering the woman I wrote about used to write little poems like this, it seemed a fitting way to try this weeks prompt ;)

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Janelle said...

How nice of you to use the prompt as a tribute. I'm not quite certain on what the thing is that she's holding up in victory, but the last line makes me think that perhaps she's unable to speak and it's a device that will help her to do that?

Lillie McFerrin said...

So well done. The flow of this piece is excellent and the last sentence just right!!!