Monday, September 10, 2012

{Odd Couple} a Visual Dare prompt

His long and lanky frame leant casually against the wall as he watched her.

She was a bundle of nerves as she slowly closed the small distance between them.

With a cheeky grin, his eyes sparkled as his gaze wandered down her body. Eyes downcast, she walked demurely toward him.

His stance exuded strength and confidence; he was a man wise beyond his years. She had lived a sheltered life, austere parents holding her close.

His strong arms enclosed her dainty frame.

Pale skin a vivid contrast against his sun-darkened arms.

As he gazed at her tenderly, she knew she was home.


Linking up with Visual Dare for this weeks prompt. This wasn't exactly how I envisaged this piece, but it will do for now. Constructive Criticism welcome.  


LittleWhiteDove said...

This couple seems really cute. Can I be a beta reader when you are done?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this.
An odd couple indeed but obviously made for each other. There is a lovely tenderness that shines through your words.

Angela said...

Beautiful spin on the prompt. I love seeing how people do figurative takes on an easily literal prompt, and you have done this so well. Nice tug of emotions, anticipation, relief. Well done!