Friday, October 26, 2012

Music Therapy…

Do you have a go to song that no matter how you are feeling - it just peps you back up? Last year I blogged a flash fiction with a particular song in mind. I wrote it when I hit my own interpretation of rock bottom. At the time the lyrics resonated within and I played it more times than I care to count through my rough months. 

Over a year later I am back on track - I have been feeling like ME again (& gosh it's such an awesome feeling) and this song still manages to send shivers down my spine. The depth of feeling this song evokes in me, is astronomical. I assume it probably always will.

So I wake this morning to find my friend on Facebook tagged me that they are touring next year and I think it's THIS song that will get me to that concert (provided KISS and AC/DC don't tour in the same year… in which case 3 concerts maybe pushing the friendship with hubby just a wee bit!)    

So it's gotten me thinking about all those songs that evoke feelings within. I feel as though I have this repertoire of songs that will go down in my history as songs that meant something at some stage.

What about you. Do you have ONE song that is your anthem. Your pick me up, I've got your back kind of song? 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sickness and Life

Ever had those months where everything beings falling into place then you get sick? That was my life. When sickness struck me down along with a visit from Aunty Flo (I'm not convinced the two weren't related in some sinister way) everything fell apart.

Losing a full night of sleep. Battling dehydration and running on complete empty. My reserves were depleted… 

Cue my daughter bringing home a viral thingy from school; complete with high temps and a vomit or two (assuming it was due to the high temps)

Another sleepless night where we finally fell into an exhausted & unsettled sleep watching Scooby Doo cartoons at 3am.

Anxiety on overload because I just don't do sickness well (Ever heard of Man-flu? Well I do Man-Flu swimmingly… better than my husband infact!)   

Needless to say I was out of power after 4 days of surviving on pure adrenalin because the coffee sure as hell wasn't helping (in that I couldn't stomach the thought of my nice delicious Nespresso coffee… yes… I must have been REALLY sick!)

And I watched far too many Dawson Creek Episodes in that time frame to be deemed safe viewing. 

So now I am 2 weeks into the final term of the year, I'm no closer to finishing what I aimed to finish this month. My colourful inspiration board remains colourful (emphasis on the FUL) I have NaNoWriMo looming next month and all I want to do is sleep. I'm thinking attempting an epic task like NaNo when I'm still trying to recoup and re-charge is probably not the best idea for ME. Right now. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Fortune Teller} a behind the curtain tale

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What once was a grand circus, bright colours of red, yellow and white, now sat derelict and in disarray. Weeds snaking around the few remains, long brittle grasses waved as though warning them away from the misery of abandonment.

Fabric pieces, remnants of a glorious circus tent, flapped as the chilly breeze swept swiftly across the field. Tattered and torn strips of white and vivid red like a bleeding ghost, added to the eerie silence.

They stumbled past the ruins intent on their destination. Clearing bushes from their path, the once majestic machine stood before them, beckoning them forward.

Faded gold letters, each peeling away from the fa├žade formerly spelling the word Fortune now read “Forne”. Mirrored glass beneath though now peppered with a layer of dust and grime still reflected their weary faces. It was slightly unnerving seeing their somber faces staring back from this machine that had once foretold a great fortune.

Red paint chipped from the relentless sun, revealed sun-bleached timber beneath, skeletal in its appearance. The smell of wet rotting timber emanated from beneath the machine, but still they walked forward. Determined for answers.

Holding hands, a past time they’d not enjoyed recently he pulled the lever to reveal a new fortune. Simultaneously they both thought the same words; how did it all go so wrong.

As the machine groaned and clanked, the lights flickered dully. One hand held tight on the lever, the second clutched hers.

An apparition in the mirrored glass motioned their attention forward, slowly they leaned as one, as a white bony hand reached through the glass and drew them forward. Together they tumbled, a jumble of legs and arms falling into the wooden box. Terrified they briefly stared at each other then watched as the lights slowly dimmed and the mirrored glass turned black, blocking their vision of the outside world.

A muted voice spoke their fortune “Together forever, as one”

Screams are still heard on a still night, at the far edge of a deserted field. Impending danger, forever warned.

341 words. 



Behind the curtain - bought to you by Anna Meade
I am stretching my writing wings and attempting something new today. Moving away from my normal story because I'm feeling somewhat stagnant churning out small pieces with no real depth. This piece is focussing on using my imagination and limbering up that creative side of the brain that I am forever searching for. I guess what I'm trying to say is I have struggled finding new stories being so wrapped up in my novel, that this was a great little exercise to step off that path and forge a way through the long grass of a deserted field. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

On Writing a Novel.

I managed a whopping 2 blog entries during September. Two small writing prompts and those two entries were about the extent of all my hard work in the writing arena. I just couldn't write.

I was lamenting to a friend that September and I don't see eye to eye as it's the month that my Nan passed away and I had been feeling a little sad approaching the 3year mark. Upon looking back I don't think this was the case, sure I was sad. I really did struggle to write anything ALL month (but then if I'm honest with myself I was otherwise occupied with pulling my house into shape)

I think the biggest problem was I burnt out during August and CampNaNoWriMo. I only wrote 15,000 words (bringing my total story up to over 30,000 words) which in terms of NaNoWriMo could be considered pretty weak ;) but considering my words are that of a sad story; a story so sad, it's hard to comprehend just how the characters managed to put one foot in front of the other - I mean I couldn't cope last year when life dealt me a shitty hand. These people. My Ancestors. They lived with these problems for YEARS.

I spent 2 nights in hospital and was a basket case before and felt even worse after it.

My beautiful Nan spent 7 years in Hospital. An hours drive in todays' standards took her mother all day just to visit.

I can drive into Brisbane and back home - it takes me an hour each way; I have done this in the past 5/6 days a week without complaint. I am able to do so with the way of today's travel. Back then, it was near impossible. Money was scarce.  Trips to visit her ONLY daughter every few months a common occurance.

During August I reached a cross road in my storyline. It broke apart and I have been left wondering how to approach it in the solitary sense. I find myself with a little girl seemingly abandoned in hospital. A heartbroken mother living a full days journey away. I have struggled to work a seamless approach into this new section and it still languishes in the hopes I can bring it back on board come November and NaNoWriMo.

I also couldn't take the sadness anymore. I had to step away and focus on other characters in the book because I was beginning to feel how only a mother can feel. I have an ONLY daughter. I've not spent more than 2 nights away from her at a time and both times she was with her daddy. She has only ever stayed over at her Nanna's house a handful of times and when I say a handful I mean ONE hand - you do the math.

I'm relatively new to this book writing business but one thing I've found that enough words in, you start to live and breathe your characters. You feel what they feel. You cry when they do. You shout with anger when they do. And when their hearts break, so to does yours.

Its been a harrowing ride, yet I soldier on with it because it's a beautiful story (well I think it is) and I think it's one that deserves to be told. And the reason for this is that little girl, the one who suffered so. She went on to live a full and happy life despite her "disabilities". She lived LIFE and she loved LIFE. Her existence burned a mark on my heart and I suppose this is my way of giving back to someone who gave me so much of herself. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

{Tears} a five Sentence Fiction Prompt

Lillie McFerrin

 Her memory sparked as the various sounds enveloped her mind, the crashing of the waterfall, the splatter of raindrops through the treetop canopy. Her own tears dripping one by one upon her dress.

Although she could picture each of them in vivid array she could no longer hear the individual sound of each. Inside they were but a muted rushing roaring through her slowly dulling senses.

Turning her face upward, she felt the raindrops mingle and entwine with her own salt filled teardrops; slowly cleansing the pain within.


Linking up with Lillie McFerrins' Five Sentence Fiction. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Forgotten} a Visual Dare Prompt

She stood still as the overgrown yellow grass brushed past the backs of her bare legs. She stared sorrowfully at the remains of the wreckage. At some point someone had replaced the fence, resolutely it stood against the backdrop of the rusted out truck lingering within its boundary.

For years she had searched for him, finally finding the ugly truth lying here in this vast field of nothing, engulfed by brittle yellow grass.

In death as in life, he had found only solitude and she wept quietly for a loss of life that had shone so bright for such brief moments.


Linking up with Angela and her Visual Dare this week after taking some time out to rest my writing hand. I must say I am happy to return to writing daily again!   

{night before} a Menage Monday #43 prompt

He groaned as he rolled over; the sun piercing through the curtains she had flung back in disgust moments earlier. Even through hooded eyes, the sun shone a direct line to his pounding brain.

He glimpsed her towering form over his prone body, and though it was far too late for what ifs, he thought if only he hadn't found that bottle last night. If only he was a man of stronger ilk. If only. If only. If only. The words were on constant repeat in his throbbing head. He groaned again as the bed springs beside him squeaked. He rolled toward her warmth, his body molding into her welcoming curves.

"You realise my Pa's going to be furious when he finds out you drank his special ale"

He shrugged as he struggled to open one eye and slowly wink at her.

Biting back the beginnings of a rare smile, "What can I do with you?" she said.


Not exactly linking up since the link actually closed two days ago, but I have hit October with renewed energy for all things writing. This one is for the prompt provided over Menage Monday earlier in the week. It's a slow re-entry into writing daily once more. Go easy on constructive criticism if you have any for me?