Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Fortune Teller} a behind the curtain tale

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What once was a grand circus, bright colours of red, yellow and white, now sat derelict and in disarray. Weeds snaking around the few remains, long brittle grasses waved as though warning them away from the misery of abandonment.

Fabric pieces, remnants of a glorious circus tent, flapped as the chilly breeze swept swiftly across the field. Tattered and torn strips of white and vivid red like a bleeding ghost, added to the eerie silence.

They stumbled past the ruins intent on their destination. Clearing bushes from their path, the once majestic machine stood before them, beckoning them forward.

Faded gold letters, each peeling away from the façade formerly spelling the word Fortune now read “Forne”. Mirrored glass beneath though now peppered with a layer of dust and grime still reflected their weary faces. It was slightly unnerving seeing their somber faces staring back from this machine that had once foretold a great fortune.

Red paint chipped from the relentless sun, revealed sun-bleached timber beneath, skeletal in its appearance. The smell of wet rotting timber emanated from beneath the machine, but still they walked forward. Determined for answers.

Holding hands, a past time they’d not enjoyed recently he pulled the lever to reveal a new fortune. Simultaneously they both thought the same words; how did it all go so wrong.

As the machine groaned and clanked, the lights flickered dully. One hand held tight on the lever, the second clutched hers.

An apparition in the mirrored glass motioned their attention forward, slowly they leaned as one, as a white bony hand reached through the glass and drew them forward. Together they tumbled, a jumble of legs and arms falling into the wooden box. Terrified they briefly stared at each other then watched as the lights slowly dimmed and the mirrored glass turned black, blocking their vision of the outside world.

A muted voice spoke their fortune “Together forever, as one”

Screams are still heard on a still night, at the far edge of a deserted field. Impending danger, forever warned.

341 words. 



Behind the curtain - bought to you by Anna Meade
I am stretching my writing wings and attempting something new today. Moving away from my normal story because I'm feeling somewhat stagnant churning out small pieces with no real depth. This piece is focussing on using my imagination and limbering up that creative side of the brain that I am forever searching for. I guess what I'm trying to say is I have struggled finding new stories being so wrapped up in my novel, that this was a great little exercise to step off that path and forge a way through the long grass of a deserted field. 


Sarah said...

Erie with some great descriptive writing - looks like the September drought is well and truely over ;)

Lisa Shambrook said...

Steer well clear of the fortune teller machine...derelict or otherwise, is what this chiller tells me! Very sinister!

SJIHolliday said...

I've always been terrified of those machines, now I know why! Great story :)

Unknown said...

This was some exercise! It has very compelling description of decay and the ending was truly sinister. I like this a lot!

Unknown said...

I could never look at them as a child never mind go near one..Great grasp of what scares.. :)P)

Unknown said...

Great use of the picture, creepy. Thanks for entering!

Anonymous said...

I could see the picture, from your description.

Cameron said...

They never do come out right, do they? Encounters with those infernal machines. Really well done.

Diane J. Reed said...

So scary!! And yet, I'd be so tempted to look into that mirror, too! Great story : )

Sarah said...

Loved the description of the scene at the beginning especially "Tattered and torn strips of white and vivid red like a bleeding ghost" a haunting image.
I always remember the fortune telling machine in the film BIG - stay away, in fact RUN!!!!

kate n said...

I also loved the descriptions and could imagine it easily. Very creeepy :)

Becky Fyfe said...

Very creepy with elegant descriptions. A terrific story!

Curtain said...

The fortune teller behind curtain is described in the post here. Useful post