Friday, October 26, 2012

Music Therapy…

Do you have a go to song that no matter how you are feeling - it just peps you back up? Last year I blogged a flash fiction with a particular song in mind. I wrote it when I hit my own interpretation of rock bottom. At the time the lyrics resonated within and I played it more times than I care to count through my rough months. 

Over a year later I am back on track - I have been feeling like ME again (& gosh it's such an awesome feeling) and this song still manages to send shivers down my spine. The depth of feeling this song evokes in me, is astronomical. I assume it probably always will.

So I wake this morning to find my friend on Facebook tagged me that they are touring next year and I think it's THIS song that will get me to that concert (provided KISS and AC/DC don't tour in the same year… in which case 3 concerts maybe pushing the friendship with hubby just a wee bit!)    

So it's gotten me thinking about all those songs that evoke feelings within. I feel as though I have this repertoire of songs that will go down in my history as songs that meant something at some stage.

What about you. Do you have ONE song that is your anthem. Your pick me up, I've got your back kind of song? 

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