Thursday, November 1, 2012

As rusty as a nail…

Intentions were there, but everything fell apart as I got carried away with life and Blogtoberfest and lists of goals to be all lists. NaNoWriMo is here and though I am not officially participating it's the oomph I've needed to give me a good kick up the backside to get some words down on paper.

For half an hour I sat with my manuscript (eek) re-reading it. Marking up spelling mistakes and re-writing sentences. I managed to finish 6 pages of edits (50 page manuscript with NO paragraphing - whoops! how far I've evolved in 12 short months!) All writing prompts that I had added to my Master Doc, have been moved across to a new document and there they will live until such time I find a way to expand on each of the short paragraphs to be incorporated into the bigger story. I feel good that I have done that, I love that I have sprawled notes on each 
"Add to this section"    
"Rewrite with more emphasis on the solitary" 
"Rewrite as the 3rd person"

Last year I sat and I wrote. I let the words flow and to be honest I didn't really think that my little story would ever go anywhere far. If I'm really being honest - I didn't even think I had it in me to write a novel. I've slowly added words throughout the year and while I don't give it the attention it needs, I find that I can't continually push myself to churn out so many words every day. I burn out far too quick.

Hence why THIS year, I am not an official participant. I've thought about it and after much dithering and dathering, I finally came to the conclusion that I am not up to the task. I have a weekend away in a few short weeks, my house is not running to optimum speed (in other words it is MESSY! & I have guests coming to stay ;( ) I have study and a list of creative pursuits that is longer than my legs and trust me when I say I have LONG legs! So I decided that I couldn't lump myself with yet another challenge without burning out.

HOWEVER. I decided to take it this month and actually work on it. I will be editing my manuscript. I will be putting more words down (and boy am I hoping they flow better than tonight. 2 hours to churn out 1700 words. I want to make those words count. I want to find the structure and back bone in my story and build on it from there.

I guess it's time I got all creative with my story. So there will be no target word count - I'd LOVE to hit the 50K which is entirely doable… but I'm not pushing myself. I will be happy with a solid week of writing or at the very least one night a week of solid writing. Either way I won't be too perturbed with my efforts if they lack.

Current Stats 

Master Document: 28,216 words

Writing Prompts: 3,991 words

Daily word Count: 1916

In closing… MD: 30,132 / WP: 3,991   

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Kat McNally said...

SQUEEE! So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
See you tomoz.
Kat x