Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#reverb12… day 5

What was your dream destination in 2012 and why? 

It can be a town, city, country or region -- real or imaginary -- and doesn't matter if you actually got there or not!

This year I knew getting away as a family would be difficult; so it was no wonder I dreamed for months about my two planned crafty retreats.

The first was Camp K where I boarded a (very late) plane that flew into Sydney in the worst weather possible. I froze my butt off; I rippled the weekend away as we laughed talked and enjoyed each others companies. Some of us meeting for the very first time.

We backed that weekend up several months later with a second weekend of AWESOME. This time at Quilt Camp (say that one fast) another weekend of crafty fun, laughter (too much laughter) and good friends.

I really can't ask for more than that; I got to spread my wings, step away from life's dramas and be a little more than just mummy & housewife for a few blissful nights. And not to forget spending precious time with some of the loveliest peeps around.


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