Tuesday, June 18, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Book 7 - Thriller

Little White Dove
 Book #7 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Above Suspicion; Lynda La Plante

Genre: Thriller



This one took me a little longer to read than normal, likely because I am also reading Pride & Prejudice at the same time as well as starting a poetry book for the same challenge. I don't normally read more than one book and when I do, I find it slows down my reading overall.

This was book number 7 for the Genre Challenge. Only 6 more to go and with 6 months of the year I am more than happy with where I'm sitting challenge wise. Though I may not be saying that as my remaining genres are

* Poetry
* Spiritual
* Motivational
* Graphic Novel
* Auto-biography
* Fantasy

Apart from Fantasy - the rest I could take or leave, but I will push on because I am surprising myself with how much fun this challenge has become. Some days I almost feel "smarter" simply from expanding my reading.

Above Suspicion; Lynda La Plante I listed as a thriller but really it really should be classed as a crime mystery (? maybe ?) it wasn't quite a "thriller" as I expected as the suspect was known to the police all along, it was more a matter of breaking down the circumstantial evidence and pinning the crime on him. Usually I class my thriller reads as more Mary Higgins Clarke (don't laugh - I loved these a as a teenager) Martina Cole (particularly The Lady Killer WOW!) or Jaye Ford. You know the books you have to keep on turning pages to see whodunnit or to see how the heck they would get out of the situation.

Regardless - I chose to try and read new authors as part of this challenge so I could expand myself beyond the Twilight-ish books. I enjoyed the book, thought I felt it could have been stronger in certain areas. The murders were gruesome and I felt the horror of them was sort of glossed over - compared to other books on the market for me, the descriptions were bland. I always remember reading The Lady Killer & being absolutely shocked by the brevity of his murders. Maybe it was because I was only 17 (& I was so NOT supposed to be reading this book - I nicked it off dad when he went out one day and sat mesmerised by it) however I digress. I also thought the killer (a sociopath) could have been written in a way to make the reader feel real fear. Anna Travis is the young female detective who discovers the link, while I can see that the writer was setting up this character to become a female lead in future books, unfortunately for me she was a bit too unfamiliar. It probably didn't help that I kept seeing her as a sandy blonde when she was actually carrot top - I hate when that happens!            

I will be reading the other books in this series eventually, as I feel the next ones will evolve as the characters are cemented into the storyline. 

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