Monday, June 24, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Book 8 - AutoBiography

Little White Dove
 Book #8 - 13 in 13 Challenge 

Lessons in Letting Go - Confessions of a Hoarder; Corinne Grant 

Genre: AutoBiography 


Book 8 / 13 completed. After a birthday party on Saturday, I needed a light weight read so I picked up Corinne Grant's - Lessons in Letting Go. I purchased this book at the Airport last year when I flew to Sydney with every intention of reading it on the flight - however I only managed to read one page, before it was stuffed into the side table, balanced precariously upon a pile of other books (still to be read) next to a purple teddy from my early 20's and above a framed picture quote.

The blurb: This delightful memoir is about hoarding and about how the things we hold on to can end up dictating our lives. Warm, funny, candid and insightful, Lessons in Letting Go is about the pain - but also the necessity and the joy - in learning to let go.

Autobiographies aren't usually my first reading choice (give me escapism any day) I think I could name on ONE hand the amount I have read, however this memoir was easy to read and if you are a fan of Corinne Grant - I highly recommend as it is a light hearted approach to being overwhelmed with STUFF. Which I am.

From the very first paragraph "holding what appeared to be a bunch of sticks in his hand" to "They're the first bunch of flowers a boy ever game to me" she spoke to me in a language I could totally relate to. *raises hand* guilty hoarder right here! 

Who hasn't kept a special bunch of flowers as a dried arrangement??? So maybe they were the flowers from my BFF's wedding and I tried to dry them, truly I did. From the moment the dead flower petals kept falling to litter the bottom of the cupboard, I did contemplate throwing them in the bin. Though it did take me several months to work up the courage to take those 10 steps from the cupboard to the rubbish bin and more courage still to stop from crying.

LUCKILY for me, Corinne did what any good hoarder does when they feel things maybe getting out of control, she wrote and shared a list of Levels of Hoardment. According to her list, I'm a lowly level 5 (out of 10) so I'm sitting pretty for now - though reading her memoir I was more than a little scared at a lot of similarities between us. {and not just our sense of humour and #comedygold moments}

The book covers a year of her life where she hit rock bottom and came to the realisation that keeping stuff for the sake of keeping stuff does not make one happy. It is her journey to discover herself minus the hoards of stuff she has carted with her since childhood. It really was a delightfully entertaining read and if you think you may have an issue with being a hoarder - this one is definitely for you. 

Now as I face reality and kick boxes out from under the desk to give my feet room, I look around my craft room with trepidation and I realise that I am in HIGH danger of becoming a level 7 (needing one or more family member to move out to make room for the stuff) so excuse me while I go do a major clean out of all the stuff I'm never going to use and am just holding on to 'just incase' 

I'm telling you now… baby doll dresses WILL RETURN TO FASHION one day soon, scurries off to find where I stashed that dress 20 years ago… 



LittleWhiteDove said...

May or may not still have the first bunch of flowers Mr Dove gave me, gathering dust in the corner. Shhhh....

Car said...

Sounds like someone else may benefit from reading this book ;)

Unknown said...

I read this a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. I kept the bouquet from my wedding for years - until we moved states!