Friday, June 7, 2013

I take my Challenges…

Shaken… not stirred! 

Actually that's not quite right; although I am usually drinking something shaken not stirred as I graciously accept said challenges. But in all seriousness - I do take my Challenges, well SERIOUSLY! 

After the Pride and Prejudice challenge was issued for Winter, I had to take a hard look at my allowable time frame because I know what I'm like when it comes to reading the 'Classics'. I struggle to concentrate and before I know it the time will waste away. I have decided with my already busy schedule (of study / work / being mum) that I needed to plan for a little bit every week. As opposed to all at once and not fulfilling any of my other reading pursuits.

I present you with THE SCHEDULE.  















Luckily for me, the lovely Miss Dove linked us up to a website that had a reading / viewing schedule for 20 weeks. Check it out here. My schedule is based on that one, except I've had to scrunch it down into 13 weeks. Thought I might share it with my cohorts seeing how they may well be struggling with time constraints as well. Except for Miss Dove who has pretty much FINISHED the LBD videos AGAIN! As you can see I have also chosen to watch the optional videos as part of my viewing pleasure. 

I don't challenges lightly!

Week 1 is finished tomorrow and I have successfully watched 10 episodes of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and read 6 from the 7 chapters required.

Oh but that's not ALL! No Sir! I got all excited and when I felt like death warmed up one day a couple of weeks past - I pulled out the big guns and viewed:   







I do believe that is PART ONE of the challenge Completed! Now to decide if I watch the BBC / Colin Firth remake too for extra points?

Now that I finally have an inkling of the actual storyline - I'm really enjoying it.   

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