Tuesday, July 9, 2013

13 in 13 Challenge… Mid Year Update

Little White Dove

6 months into this challenge and I am pleased to report that I have successfully completed 8 or the 13 books in the genre challenge (not including the extra few I added to the Historical Challenge.  

Some of the books have changed from what I had originally intended to read, but for the most part they have remained the same. I have been actually REALLY enjoying the added challenge of extending my reading capacity to include genres I ordinarily wouldn't have looked at. 

So to date - here is my updated list of books finished. 



















I have 5 remaining genres to complete in 6 months which I am happy with. At this stage the only one I have changed my mind on is the Poetry book, I checked out the Banjo complete works and it is HUGE. So I picked up an Australian Poetry book and made a start on it last month, slowly reading poem every few days. I am really struggling with my approach to The Spiritual and Motivational categories - both are books that I want to read, but they are both pretty heavy going. My mind needs to be cleared in order to give them the attention they deserve - so the plan is to read those slowly in small moments of time where I can have complete concentration in order to really comprehend the words.

How are you faring in this challenge?  

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Unknown said...

Looking good there Car! I blogged book 11 today. Only have motivational and poetry to do. Know what I'm reading for both, just need to do it! People can check it out at www.kyliesreads.blogspot.com.au if they really want to. :)