Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to Reality

Toward the end of June I began to falter. With the end of term 2 rapidly approaching and everything that needed to be done as well as everything I wanted to do, it was hardly surprising that I only managed a small portion of my goals list.

In hindsight I was burnt out and needing a break after pushing myself to study 3 days a week in order to get the theory side of my photography course completed.

I then made the mistake of mentally preparing myself for the practical side of the course {Insert many profanities and mutterings about needing more time} before I walked away from it all. I stuck my head in the sand like the proverbial emu (does an emu actually do that?) And I pretended if I didn't think about it, it didn't exist.

It wasn't a huge surprise when I was struck down with a head cold over the holidays and the a magical moment presented itself. It could have been because of the good Cold and Flu tablets I was on, but suddenly I found myself relaxed with camera in hand and at a wedding where we were allowed to take photos. As I snapped away I could feel my passion returning and since that weekend, I have had the camera out daily snapping away.

With Term 3 starting today and knowing I have a lot on my plate over the coming weeks, but also knowing that three days of study is NOT conducive to my mind set nor my living quarters - something had to change. My new diary has my days earmarked with the week in advance. I see at a glance which days I can study and those I cannot. 

IMG 5824













It feels good to be in front of the pack BEFORE the term really kicks off. I spent the afternoon yesterday updating dates in my diary, planning meals for the coming week. Working out how many hours I have available to study and accepting there are some days it just won't happen and that is okay too. I even went so far as updating my Goals board to list what I need to do this month. Rather than list everything PER Subject I have broken it down into weeks. Each week I have worked out a tentative hourly limit and worked out how many Tutorials / Assignments and Activities I should be able to complete in that week. 

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I feel so much more organised and less overwhelmed in working my list like this that I have already managed a bonus 4 hours today after finishing my housework early. 

There has been much soul searching over the past few weeks of areas I am lacking in and areas I am overextending. Perhaps this will be an ongoing battle to find the balance in life, but now that I've pinpointed those small things that make me lose grasp of reality.  Which in turn helps my own emotional wellbeing knowing that I can make time if I'm aware of time. It probably doesn't even make sense, but in my head its completely coherent. 

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